PB Pamphlets offer a full range of leaflet services. From conception to delivery, we have a full menu of services to help boost business sales and brand awareness.


The three distribution options explained 

PB POPULAR is  the most popular choice. When the Royal Mail are delivering, they are delivering the post together with three, four or five leaflets. The disadvantage of this is the fact that when the householder collects their daily post from the doormat they first pick up and open their mail i.e. the birthday card, a handwritten envelope from a relative or friend. The unaddressed leaflets will be the last items they read or look at.

With our dedicated PB POPULAR drop, the leaflets are delivered on their own to be picked up and carried to the kitchen, and en route, the reader sees something that is relevant.

PB POPULAR with three or four customer leaflets is the most cost efficient and possibly even the most effective form of leaflet delivery.

With a PB Popular shared service from PB Pamphlets, we NEVER put out leaflets of the same business type so you do not  have to compete on the door mat.


PB Premier Solus leaflet distribution is where the customers leaflet is distributed on its own. Some customers believe this will give maximum impact on the doormat. This has been shown by research not always to be the case. For example, a leaflet on its own may be just that at the point of delivery but what happens if another distribution company places items through the letterbox shortly afterwards? We believe that the only time when Solus leaflet distribution needs to be used is when very precise targeting is required or if the material is time-sensitive and then must go out in the required area immediately.

Our research shows that a shared distribution will add impact to all of the leaflets being delivered i.e. the leaflets all add to one another rather than detracting from each other. For example, a catalogue with many items on offer is more attractive than one with only a few items to choose from.


PB Premier PLUS distribution is the option where the customer can choose to have a predetermined number of items only. This is a shared drop where a particular number of leaflets, selected by you, are going through the letterbox at the same time.

This option, which costs a little more, gives satisfaction to the customer who is concerned about clutter or worried that other leaflets will detract from their promotion but still benefiting from the situation that three or four leaflets on the doormat will add to the impact of each other. The pricing of PB Premier PLUS is between PB Premier and PB Popular distributions.




We work with many top quality local printers and can often secure significant volume discounts which we pass back to you the customer.


We work with several design partners who can produce top quality leaflets to suit your exact requirements. They will produce bespoke designs to showcase your brand.